The WPCampus 2023 planning committee is looking for volunteers. We can’t wait to meet everyone in New Orleans!

If you have any questions about the event, please do not hesitate to reach out using one of the specified email addresses or conference[at]

Conference Chair

Rachel Cherry is the event’s Conference Chair.

Have general questions about the conference? Email Rachel at conference[at]

Presenter Coordinators

Have questions about presenting? Email presenters[at]

Sponsor Coordinator

Ed Beck is the event’s Sponsor Coordinator.

Have questions about sponsors? Email Ed at sponsors[at]

Attendee and Registration Coordinator

Reed Piernock is the event’s Attendee and Registration Coordinator.

Have questions about registration or what to expect as an attendee? Email Reed at attendees[at]

Volunteer Coordinator

Timmy Gelles is the event’s Volunteer Coordinator.

Have questions about volunteering? Email Timmy at volunteers[at]

Lodging and Swag coordinator

Lincoln Russell is the event’s Lodging and Swag Coordinator.

Have questions related to on-campus losing? Email Lincoln lodging[at]

Catering and Social Events Coordinator

Have questions about catering or social events? Email conference[at]

Marketing and Social Media Coordinator

Jeff Stevens is the event’s Marketing and Social Media Coordinator.

Have questions related to marketing or social media? Email conference[at]

Technology Coordinators

Have questions related to the live stream or any other technology? Email conference[at]

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