WPCampus 2023 is a hybrid event. Join us in-person or online


Graduate Sponsors

Equalize Digital

Equalize Digital is a Certified B Corporation and WordPress agency striving to build a world where all people have equal access to information, products, and tools on the web, regardless of ability.

Happy Prime

Happy Prime is a strategic web agency that looks for opportunities to do good work with good people. We partner with organizations to determine needs, develop approaches, and build solutions that meet goals and adhere to best practices.

Reclaim Hosting

Reclaim Hosting is a higher ed web hosting company focused on providing institutions, educators, and students with flexible web hosting space and intentional community support. Founded in 2013, Reclaim Hosting set out to make web hosting tools easy to work with in a classroom setting.

Coming soon

Sponsor coming soon!

Coming soon

Sponsor coming soon!

Undergraduate Sponsors


10up aims to make a better web with finely crafted websites, apps, and tools for content creators, leveraging open source technologies like WordPress, React, and Next.js.

Clean Catalog

The modern catalog and curriculum platform for universities, colleges, and school districts. Clean Catalog offers accessible, customizable software for course catalogs, curriculum management, syllabus management, and more.

In-kind Sponsors

HighEdWeb Association

The Higher Education Web Professionals Association educates digital professionals who work for colleges and universities. Join us October 8-11 for the HighEdWeb 2023 Annual Conference—to explore and find solutions for the unique issues facing digital teams in higher education.

Tulane University Information Technology

Tulane University Information Technology provides services that meet the needs of the Tulane University community and enables Tulane’s mission by delivering technology solutions that support achieving institutional goals and objectives.

The benefits of sponsorship

As a sponsor of WPCampus 2023, you’ll have access to many higher education institutions and a community of almost 2,000 members. Attendees come from North America and Europe.

Many of our members operate with limited campus resources. These decision-makers seek a variety of solutions:

  • Hosting
  • Cross-system integrations
  • Accessibility consulting
  • Theme and plugin development
  • Custom design
  • General consulting

We're expecting around 200 attendees. Supporting this conference is an investment in the growth of higher education, accessibility, and WordPress and helps provide an affordable experience for our members.

Our sponsorship packages

We have released our sponsorship packages. Send us an email at sponsors[at]wpcampus.org if you have any questions.

How to purchase a sponsorship package

If you would like to purchase a package, please submit our sponsor application.

If you need time to fill out the application but wish to go ahead and claim a package, email sponsors[at]wpcampus.org and let us know which package you wish to purchase.

Have any questions?


More information

Sponsors may apply but will not be guaranteed speaking spots. Funds must be received before announcing sponsorships. Sponsors must honor all media deadlines.

WPCampus maintains a policy of not sharing contact information for its attendees unless explicitly granted by the attendee. Higher levels will receive attendee names, positions, and institutions. Sponsors will receive email addresses for attendees who opt in during registration.

WPCampus takes great pride in working with sponsors closely to ensure the best experience for everyone involved. Please share your ideas, thoughts, and feedback with us at any time before and during the event. We are always available by email at sponsors[at]wpcampus.org.

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